Karen SABIN Gitles, MBA.
Saving families time and money … improving collective peace of mind

Delivering compassionate
problem-solving solutions:

I listen carefully to your concerns. My reputation stands on maintaining the strictest codes of confidentiality and care. I work with your existing trusted advisors to execute financial and life “to do lists” (accountants, bankers, estate lawyers, financial planners, insurance agent, etc.).

As your personal business care manager, I serve as your advocate: an independent finance manager and your personal problem solver.

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Improving understanding and
control of household finances.

BANKING - Optimizing bank relationships, including paying bills and reconciling accounts

CASH FLOW ANALYSIS - Budgeting and managing income/expenses and estimating future cash flow needs

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS - Developing personal net worth statements

TAX REPORTING - Preparing tax documentation for accountant's review

INSURANCE - Applying for long-term care
Managing monthly long-term care submissions and reimbursement processes
Preparing casualty insurance claims i.e.: medical catastrophe, flood loss

INVENTORYING DOCUMENTS - Organizing financial documents
Creating personalized answer books

LEGACY COACHING - Gifting to family and charities, or request gifts, to manage cash flow requirement
Reviewing estate plan to ensure people appointments and beneficiaries are updated

TIME MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCIES - Executing financial to-dos with accountants, estate attorneys, financial advisors, and insurance agents
Managing mail through my PO Box for busy professionals and families with multiple homes

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Proactively planning for
desired lifestyle and legacy.

Have your affairs in order before anything unexpected happens. Together, we work to get your household and business matters organized, analyzed and up to date. The power of advanced planning translates into improved peace of mind for you… and your loved ones.

In home services include:

Reviewing Your Estate Plan
• Wills, trusts, beneficiaries and health care directives
• Ensuring assets are properly titled and valued correctly
• Updating documents for familial and legal changes

Creating Your Personalized Answer Book:
Document You, Your household and Your Legacy plans.
Creating an Answer Book that contains all “hard to remember” information you need to keep track of including: airline mileage accounts, auto licenses, bank accounts, business contacts, club affiliations, credit card accounts, doctors, final plans, home alarm and sprinkler systems, insurance policies, investments, loans, marriage certificate, medical history, medicines, military records, property and vehicle ownership, passwords, pet care, retirement accounts, safety deposit box

Planning for desired lifestyles
Evaluating your overall financial status, using personal net worth statement and cash flow analyses. Surplus cash flows: make donations and desired purchases, give gifts, and take dream vacations. Shortfall cash flows: reduce spending, sell assets, receive gifts, and reverse mortgages

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About Karen

Over fifteen years ago, in the case of necessity, I began managing my parents’ financial matters. Twenty years in corporate finance at Continental Illinois National Bank and The Quaker Oats Company, coupled with an MBA from Northwestern University, proved ample credentials.

As a Personal Finance Manager, I develop a trusted confidential relationship with my clients. They are able to improve their understanding of financial matters and plan for their legacy. Together, we improve control and security of financial and personal matters. My reputation stands on offering calm problem-solving and maintaining strict codes of confidentiality.

I remain an advocate and fiduciary for my clients throughout their lifetime. I visit as needed; quarterly, monthly, whatever their personal needs require. To Top


Karen was featured in a Spring 2015 issue of Crain's Chicago Business about her business that provides Estate Planning Assistance for Seniors.
Click here to read.


Karen was featured in a Nov. 2014 Chicago Tribune article about a niche she created for Seniors. Click here to read.

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“Karen has been a godsend in assisting me with the many and complex financial, legal, medical, home repair and other needs for my aged mother and disabled adult brother which built up over years before I took over as trustee for my mother's income trust. I live far from the Chicago area and so rely on Karen for nearly all of the in-person contact with them and first-hand reports. Karen asks me to set the priorities and make the key decision but also gives me spot-on assessments and recommendations for helping my family members. I feel like we are working as partners. She is constantly going the extra mile for us and is more than fair about her billing. It is clear she takes pride in helping us.”.

Signed: Out of town Brother, trustee for mother and disabled brother

I needed to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. My Financial Advisor recommended Karen Gitles in November 2014. The process was long but led to a positive outcome in August 2015. I trusted Karen and could afford her reasonable rates versus hiring an Attorney. Now I have monthly income from Social Security disability and can switch to Medicare. She also detangled my medical bills and saved $40,000. I’m relying on Karen to manage my household finances for a long time.

Signed: "A Grateful 61 Year Old Women”

“My husband and I found peace of mind when we got our household finances in order with the capable assistance of Karen Sabin Gitles.
For many years, we were filing papers into our file drawers, thinking we were organized. When we started to go through those files, we realized that some things were quite old. Deciding on what to keep and what to shred was overwhelming. We wanted to get organized for our children and ourselves. We did not want to leave a mess in case the “what if” happened.
We have an accountant, attorney, and financial planner but none of them were the right person to delve into our files at home.
Now we have an Answer Book that contains all the information in one place regarding our advisors, insurance, banking information, retirement, and funeral plans, passwords and more.
With Karen’s expertise, we worked with our trusted advisors to locate, update and organize our deeds, titles, wills, and trusts. She used her financial expertise to prepare cash flow and net worth statements that were helpful in planning for our retirement”.

Signed: a couple in their mid 70s with an improved peace of mind

Many thanks for helping my sister and the rest of the family get our financial "ducks in a row" and arrange to shift to the assisted living facility.  
Your expertise seems boundless and has filled in a number of gaps in our knowledge. You have a wonderful ability to know who to call and what to say to get things done. Again my thanks for your help and expertise. I know it’s your business, but my sister feels very comfortable with you, and we all appreciate your sense of caring.

Signed: “A Very Relieved Brother”

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I do not sell products. I am my clients’ advocate and facilitator.  Confidentiality and maintaining long-standing trusting relationships are hallmarks of my consulting practice.  

I am fully insured with Professional Liability Insurance, including Cyber and Security Breach Liability Coverage with Lloyd’s of London Underwriters.

Saving families time, money and improving collective peace of mind.

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Karen Sabin Gitles

Karen SABIN Gitles, MBA.


Daily Money Managers are experienced professionals bringing clarity and order to an individual’s daily management of bills, budgets and record keeping.

Society of Certified Senior Advisors is the world’s largest membership organization educating and certifying professionals who serve seniors. CSA is a professional who has knowledge about aging and the important health, social and financial issues that affect the majority of seniors. www.CSA.us.

Lloyd’s of London underwrites Karen’s professional liability insurance, and is provided through Dominion Insurance Services. The Lloyd's policy is specifically tailored for daily money managers. Cyber and Security Breach Liability coverage is also included.